The Real Reason Christian Slater’s Vote Was Rejected in Florida

Have you seen the movie Broken Arrow? If you have, then you know that Christian Slater saved America.  Now the country he saved has rejected his vote.  More accurately, the great state of Florida has rejected his vote in the November election.  Not cool.  Why did Florida do this?  They say it’s because his signature didn’t match his voter registration documents or some crap like that.  I’m not buying it.  Here are 5 reasons that may be the REAL reason Mr. Slater’s vote was rejected.

#1  Florida Governor is big John Travolta fan.  Slater killed Travolta in Broken Arrow.  Connect the friggen dots people.

#2  Christian Slater was in Young Guns 2.  Florida liked Young Guns 2 but didn’t love it like it did the original Young Guns.  Florida never got over that disappointment and took it’s revenge this last election.

#3  74% of Florida’s population is old people, and they didn’t approve of the title, “Pump Up the Volume.”

#4  Slater once publically dissed The Miami Sound Machine

#5  It’s Florida.

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