Me and Jew – Episode 3

Get ready for episode three of  Me and Jew cause it’s a filled with surprises. Almost live and fully prerecorded from the HAHAJK Studio, Me (Crystal Angel) and Jew (Bryant Kreaden) welcome a bonafide celebrity, Canada’s Boyfriend: George Stroumboulopoulos. Fresh off the heals of his successful interview of Oprah, George gives a full seminar on how to do a professional broadcast. Along with that, George schools us on how to be a better person, becoming a proper do-gooder, and how we all need to get involved with our government. Along with his perspective on movies music and pop culture.

Crystal shows us that the LAPD has lightened up since the Chris Dorner situation. We bet she impressed an LAPD officer with her smile and not her driving style. She describes how she greatly appreciated the cat calls and whistles on her recent drive all the way from the deep valley to Hollywood.

This weeks rant, The Jew tries to make a rational thought about the Carnival Cruise line triumph and its failed voyage.  It becomes clear that his thoughts go about as far as the Triumph did after its engines caught on fire. We can all agree that both were disasters.

The drink experiment of the week is Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade, which goes over like a lead ballon. The two also compare Kaliber non-alcoholic beer vs the sublimely italian, Perroni.

We are all praying that Stroumboulopoulos’s lawyers do not put a gag order on this episode. Enjoy all that is Me and Jew # 3 aka The George Strombo Experiment.

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