Dennis Rodman is Back!

Never mind that North Korea is a closed communist state with enough nuclear power to legitimately threaten world war and who thinks it’s totally cool to starve its own people in detention camps, Dennis Rodman went and had a great time with its “dear leader” Kim Jong Un. That’s right, Dennis-Perpetually-Clown-Haired-Rodman, had a diplomatic visit with Kim Jong F*cking Totalitarian Un. You mean to tell us that the same 6’9” guy who has classically dressed in drag with feather boas, ran around head butting people in the NBA for 20 years, and shagged Madonna a few times before going bankrupt is palling around with a powerful dictator? It really doesn’t matter if the visit was all part of a new HBO show called Vice, a new “hard-nosed” guerilla-style news reporting show, because when he tells George Stephanopoulos on National TV that he thinks the portly dictator is now a “friend for life” and that Kim Jong-un, his father, and grandfather were all “awesome guys,” he is either out of his mind or punking the shit out of all of us. Who will be his next good buddies? Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir or Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov? (Trust us, these are NOT good people.) But hey, if they like basketball they can’t be all that bad right?

Whether you think he is crazy, obnoxious or both, you can’t deny that he just keeps keeping on, bouncing back from financial ruin and remaining a prominent public figure and in the spotlight. A savvy celebrity move from the Rodman.

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