5 of the Best L.A. Hot Dogs

This list really won’t matter for those of you who don’t like hot dogs, but you obviously don’t have good taste anyway, so have fun burning in hell. For the rest of you that love a good tube steak, we’ve compiled a list of places you are guaranteed to find a dog that goes down easy. While reading, remember it’s hard to write about hot dogs in a way that’s completely free of sexual innuendo, but we promise to try our best.

Okay, we know that sausages aren’t technically hot dogs, but the reverse is true and that is good enough for us. This place is amazing from the décor to the drinks, and I’ve never heard of someone that was unhappy after a visit. The Belgian fries, wide selection of Belgian beer, and exotic sausages ranging from rabbit and rattlesnake to vegan and vegetarian links are all very good reasons to try this spot with locations in Venice and Downtown.


The Stand
With all sorts of different dogs from around the country, The Stand allows you to either build your own or choose from classic favorites. You can feel like you are eating off a street cart with a Downtown L.A. Dog wrapped in bacon and onions, or you can get their version of the Chicago Dog. The hot dogs they use are pretty tasty, and they know how to handle your buns. With three locations around the city, it is definitely worth a stop.


QT’s Chicago Style Hot Dog
If you’ve been to Chicago, you can attest to the deliciousness of Vienna Beef hot dogs. QT’s is half liquor store, half hot dog stand, and is loaded with tasty Chicago classics like the Italian beef, the Polish sausage and of course, the signature dog. From the celery salt to the poppy seed bun, they are the best place to have a hot dog and feel like you are in a neighborhood joint somewhere on the north side of the Windy City. They serve their fries in baskets, and the tables have the familiar yellow and red squeeze bottles to drown your fries in ketchup and mustard. Remember to keep the ketchup as far away from that dog as possible, or just hope a Midwest native doesn’t see it.


It’s hard not to like this place. Their locations are made out of old, yellow trains; I mean, how cool is that? With burgers, sandwiches and even tacos that are pretty good, this place has all the comfort food you’ve been craving and they cook a great processed beef link. While they don’t do Chicago style dogs justice, they have really tasty options in many different varieties (mild, spicy, etc.) that satisfy your belly-itch that needs scratching. You may even run into Jay Leno, who swears it’s his favorite place to pig out. Just make sure you don’t get so full you can’t jump out of the way when he tears off down Sunset or Ventura (their two locations) in one of his many antique cars.


Uncle Ced’s
Who knew a tiny street cart could pack in so much good stuff? Hanging out down by the 405 and 10 interchange isn’t normally something we’d recommend, but Uncle Ced has a good thing going. His Spicy Polish is legendary, and his hot dogs are top notch. This may sound sketchy, but make sure you look around for his cart near the Best Buy parking lot, it’s totally worth it.


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