Does Your Favorite Actor Have Real Hair?

Actors need to look as good as actresses these days, which means furiously working out in gyms, strict diets and even Botox. They also have a struggle that is all their own: losing hair. Few actors have pulled off balding with success and because of this, and the fact that most men simply look better with hair, great lengths are travelled to not only stay thick where it counts, but to make sure the public never finds out about this handicap. Some stars have successfully pulled off the transformation, and some…not so much. So, if you ever questioned your favorite actor’s hair, HAHAJK is here to set the record straight.

Click on the actor’s name to see the truth revealed:

Tom Cruise

Matthew McConaughey

Jeremy Piven

Ben Affleck

Brad Pitt

Charlie Sheen

Jon Cryer

David Spade

Joel McHale

Sean Penn


The Obvious Ones

Nic Cage

Donald Trump

Al Pacino

John Travolta

Tinseltown /

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