Hollywood: You’re in…on the joke.

Have you ever found yourself thinking that Hollywood takes itself way too seriously? You’re right! We agree with you and created HAHAJK as the premier place to let you in on the inside joke that is Tinseltown.

HAHAJK is a comedy website that breaks down the fourth wall between you and Hollywood to bring you everything that is Tinseltown, and more. The three main features of the site are the HahaJK Podcast Network. the Videos, and the Daily Haha editorial. This is also a site where celebrities, comedians and the totally crazy people in Hollywood can get real and make fun of themselves and the entire industry. It’s not unusual at HAHAJK to see celebrity insiders penning an op-ed piece about the media or to hear a star’s take on current events on one of our podcasts.

HAHAJK was created by parent company EngageBDR and founded by Myspace executive Ted Dhanik and comedian Jamie Kennedy.